Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the last book I ever read (Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life by Ada Louise Huxtable, excerpt nine)

from Frank Lloyd Wright (Penguin Lives) by Ada Louise Huxtable:

Most of the windows and doors of the dining room had been locked and, as the men tried to escape, their clothes and bodies ablaze, each was brutally bludgeoned by Carleton, standing behind the door. The scene found by the returning men was bloody carnage. The main part of Taliesin was a smoking ruin. A makeshift morgue was set up in a house nearby that Wright had built for his sister Jane and her husband, Andrew Porter, where the wounded were also carried. The moans of those who had not died instantly could be heard throughout the night. Wright also remembered hearing a whip-poor-will, a sound that would always evoke a terrible sadness. The search for Carleton, begun immediately, yielded nothing; he was found the next day hiding in the fire pit of the cold furnace. He had drunk acid, which had not killed him; taken to jail, unable to eat or speak, he died a month later.

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