Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birmingham mayor convicted

on Tuesday in Tuscaloosa (change of venue), Birmingham, Alabama mayor Larry Langford was found guilty on all 60 counts against him, causing him to vacate his office and allowing former City Council president Carole Smitherman to ascend. Smitherman becomes the first female mayor of Alabama's largest city.

which raises the all important question, How awful a lawyer do you have to be to go zero for 60?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hey I, oh, I'm still alive

most likely the first (and last) time I'll quote Pearl Jam for the subject heading.
recent activities are similarly unpredictable.
unless you've married or edited me then there's not much chance you could divine my last book read, my last movie viewed or the last concert I ever saw.
and all of this is not so much a change in direction as much as opening up to random (not amber) waves (of grain or otherwise).
time will tell.
say Hi to your mom.