Wednesday, May 20, 2009

saw green day at webster hall tonight

it was good.

on the way home, ate a cheesesteak at 99 miles from philly.
it was also good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

free from work

it's the normal hour, just before 3, when I should be hard at work on Tusk, but I'm not.
which doesn't mean that there's not more work to do, but this afternoon I dropped the manuscript off with a trusted friend and editor and so tonight is likely the closest I'll ever come to the joy of dropping off a child at the grandparents and then turning right back around towards home and a wasted evening.
not a complete waste, I guess, but wasteful enough.
not only bad movies on television, but bad movies on television with commercials.
just not really something we ever really do.
I used the commercial breaks to check in on the Mets' comeback against San Francisco, which I wasn't exactly hoping for. second day in a row that a top line pitcher (yesterday it was Verlander for Detroit) was forced to trust his work investment to an incompetent bullpen. a shame.
has to be more than frustrating to have that kind of talent, give that kind of performance and then have to watch it blow up. and then share a locker room, a team charter with the very culprits who caused it.

also in the past 24 hours, Wayman Tisdale, by all accounts a stellar human being, passed away, and Green Day's "U2 Week" in the city peaks with the release of 21st Century Breakdown (available as a $4.99 download from Amazon).
tomorrow night they'll serve as the final musical guest of SNL's season, then Monday they'll perform at the Bowery Ballroom with Webster Hall on Tuesday.
tickets for Madison Square Garden went onsale this morning and are most likely gone since they added a second MSG show only 15 minutes in.
but you've still got a chance to see them play one of their smallest venues in years as the Bowery show goes onsale at noon EST Saturday.
good luck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

it's giveaway day!!!

in honor of my nephew's birthday tomorrow (he'll be old enough to not want to talk on the phone unless you can discuss rodeos or dinosaurs, and maybe not even then) and finally (finally) obtaining Internet access today (lack of technology can paralyze you), I'm giving away a free download code for No Doubt's entire recorded catalog (my nephew would be uninterested, but you pretty much need an Internet connection for this).

first person to respond with their e-mail as a Comment wins (don't worry about your e-mail being broadcast on the Worldwide as I have approval privileges so I'm the only person who will see it).