Tuesday, January 28, 2014

former New England Patriots safety Doug Beaudoin, the tenth interview from Deadspin's Would You Do It Again? series

"The game I played, especially back in the secondary as a safety, you are a heat-seeking missile. You've got a great helmet on. You've got protection. You hit and destroy whatever moves. We were taught to use the helmet as a weapon."

yes, the pace has picked up a bit. maybe we're just excited about the Super Bowl (and if that's true then you can expect a few more this week), but our conversation with some of the more than 4500 former NFL players who have filed suit against the League over concussions and other head injuries continues with former New England Patriots safety Doug Beaudoin.

my thanks to Deadspin for the opportunity, and to all the former players who have shared their thoughts and time.

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