Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The McSweeney's Column Contest: Please Vote for The 49ers

we're behind.

it's early in the second half, but right now we look a bit more like Florida Atlanta than Alabama in McSweeney's effort to crown its Grand Prize Winner in their annual Column Contest.

my first piece, with New York Times writer Kim Severson, ran on September 11th, and you'll see one more before the month ends. but between now and then (actually between right now and Friday evening, which is really not far away so maybe you should go ahead and do it now), I would greatly appreciate your vote for The 49ers at work, at home, on your smartphone and any stray computer you may pass by (this election appears to be a pure one vote per IP address democracy).

here's the voting link again - here! here! over here! vote for me! - and I thank you.

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