Monday, October 16, 2006

this is not the greatest album cover ever

at least I don't think so. but for whatever reason on

I felt like proclaiming Captain Fantastic as the best album cover ever. go figure.
on Thursday I'd stumbled across it (I somehow skipped over Fantastic in the Elton John progression. I'm fairly well-versed in Honky Chateau, Don't Shoot Me, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and even Caribou to some extent, but almost completely missed Fantastic which, if memory serves, is the first album in history to ship gold) and it felt so damn good to listen to something because I wanted to and not because I had an assignment.
also Friday, the commute to Princeton and a very cold (by the end at least) Tiger victory over Brown, 17-3.

a trip to the Princeton University Art Museum (and another reminder that I'd like to delve deeper into the work of Chaim Soutine) and a couple of transactions at Princeton Record Exchange (which proves that I HAVE TOO MUCH MUSIC: 78.6 days worth on the iTunes with some to-be-ripped discs already in a pile, but the true measure is that I brought home no less than three discs (without knowing it obviously) that I already owned).
that night we watched The Director's Cut of Donnie Darko, missing the baseball playoffs and Auburn's victory over Florida (had to happen after the Arkansas debacle) entirely. which is the price you pay when the only television is hooked up not to cable but a personal DVD player.
War Eagle.

an early commute back to the city for a delicious brunch at Odeon with a hungover, recently anniversaried couple. then the subway ride home where I noticed a woman with a canvas bag which read Long Island University School of Nursing. she appeared to be napping on the train with the book, Psychiatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, open across her chest.
personally I do not want my future psychicatric nurse to have taken the incredibly easy educational route.