Saturday, October 7, 2006

arkansas at auburn live blog - second quarter

first play of the second quarter Brandon Cox checks off, drops back and lofts to Rod Smith (should I call him Rodgerigus Smith now? it's so much longer with so many misspelling potentials) who makes a beautiful catch falling back in the end zone (past two Arkansas defenders) to bring Auburn to within three.
Arkansas 10, Auburn 7.

I'm hungry.

kickoff is called out of bounds before entering the end zone (the ball bounced over the pylon) so Arkansas starts on their 35.

Arkansas runs for a first down but it's called back for illegal procedure (not enough men on the line of scrimmage).

second and seven and Mustain throws the ball into the gut of Auburn's defender who either drops the balls or has it stripped by the Arkansas wide receiver to bring about third and seven.
timeout Arkansas.

good pressure on third down by Auburn's defense and the freshman looks like a freshman. incomplete.

Arkansas punts and causes a clusterf*&k.
Auburn's returner Dunn swings back and back and wide and wide.
offsetting penalties (facemask and clipping) causes a re-kick and another clusterf*&k when the Arkansas cover man doesn't allow Dunn enough room to catch the punt but no penalty is called (at first - ultimately an illegal touch is enforced) as Dunn quits on the ball and a backup Auburn receiver covers at the four causing momentary heart palpitations.

screen pass to Kenny Irons on first down for a nice gain (first down), but Auburn's called for a personal foul (on Robert Dunn - I vote that Dunn sits down for a while) and half the distance to the goal line.

long pass to Courtney Taylor is correctly called incomplete, though the pass itself is some kind of pretty.

long pass to Rod Smith, incomplete, results in another flag, another delay, another cry of What the hell?
offside on Arkansas and the second flag is picked up because the pass is ruled uncatchable (muchly debatable) even though the Arkansas db shoves Smith out of bounds well before the ball arrives.

third and 3.
quick pass to Courtney Taylor on the right wing for a first down.
and after all of that Auburn still hasn't crossed over their own 30.

overthrow to Tre Smith down the right sideline on first down.

beautful run around left end by Kenny Irons to the Arkansas 49 on second and ten.

tough face to face tackle by Arkansas when Irons tries to go off tackle right, but Arkansas is called, once again, for offsides.

awkward pass to Carl Stewart with way too much air under it on first and 5. that could've ended up much worse than it did.

tough run up the middle by Irons, close to a first down.

Irons up the middle for a first.
weak end around to Courtney Taylor for a two-yard loss.
first sack of the game by Arkansas with Cox still in the pocket. third and 16.

good pressure by Arkansas by Cox slips the noose and throws a flair to Taylor for an 11-yard gain.

on fourth and five Tuberville goes for it, Cox can't find a receiver, tucks the ball and runs and never gets close to the first. CBS' commentator (I swear I'll find his name before the end of the game) says that Taylor was open for an easy first and wonders aloud why Cox didn't throw.

wow. on second and six Darren McFadden busts through the line for a 63-yard touchdown run for Arkansas.
they lead 17-7.

exactly five minutes left to go in the half when Arkansas kicks off to Brad Lester about four yards deep in the back left corner.
and likely I am not the only Auburn fan yelling, No, no, no, at the television when he brings it out, but Lester cuts through the middle runs it all the way back to the Arkansas' 32.

CBS' commentator suggests that Auburn should take the rest of the half to "pound" Kenny Irons into the Arkansas defense to "re-establish their identity."
I am in complete agreement.

Cox can't find a receiver on second down and runs for the first down. Auburn on the Arkansas 19.

Irons runs right for no gain.

misdirection screen is batted down and nearly intercepted on a beautiful play by Arkansas defensive end Antwain Robinson (actually broken up by the left hand of Brandon Cox).

third down pass is ruled incomplete (close call), then followed by a 36-yard field goal by John Vaughn.
with 1:46 left in the half, Arkansas leads 17-7.

Arkansas returns the ball to their 25.
McFadden is gangtackled for no gain.
less than a minute to go so I'm assuming one more running play before I head to the kitchen (still hungry).

nope. Auburn calls a timeout (their first) with 32 seconds left and Arkansas facing about a third and eight.

Arkansas' Felix Jones busts up the middle for a first down.
another run by Jones for another first down just into Auburn territory, but that's the end of the half.

I'm thinking the stereotypical Auburn fan scrambled egg and fried bologna sandwich.

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