Saturday, October 7, 2006

arkansas at auburn live blog - fourth quarter

alrighty then.
the number two team in the nation enters the fourth quarter at home, behind by two touchdowns with Arkansas in possession of the ball on their own 45.

two-yard run to the right by Felix Jones.

end around to Felix Jones for a ten-yard gain and a first down at Auburn's 43.

McFadden runs left for three yards but there's a flag on the play. personal foul on Arkansas' Mitch Petrus (who I believe is thereupon clocked by one of his own offensive lineman for making such a stupid play).
short run brings up third and forever.
screen pass to Felix Jones to the right is stopped by Karibi Dede to bring up fourth and 23.

Dunn receives Skinner's punt at the 10 and stuttersteps, runs sideways long enough to bring about another penalty, this time a block in the back foul to push Auburn well inside their own 20.

here's the Geico commercial with Verne Troyer ("yeah, it's my birthday").
I loved the Geico gecko commercials but these new ones with guest spokespersons side by side "regular" Geico customers are pretty damn inspired. not so much the one with Charo, but I loved the Troyer, the Little Richard and my absolute favorite with Peter Graves (let's hear it for "tangerine lip gloss").
(did you know the Gecko has a blog? makes sense, I guess. certainly no surprise)

meanwhile, back on the Plains, Auburn's looking at three and out.
a third down screen to Brad Lester comes up short of the 20 and so Auburn's facing fourth and three from their own 18 with 10:55 left to go in the game.

punt, Tommy, punt.

not Blissful: let's call that punt 35 yards (of course, we're facing the same way we were in the first quarter) so Arkansas will start their next possession within ten yards of midfield.
this ain't looking good.

McFadden runs around left end for about twelve.

offside on Auburn to bring up first and five.
McFadden stuffed in the middle for a gain of a yard.
Felix Jones runs left for three. now third and one and we're about to go under nine minutes remaining.

McFadden runs off tackle right for five and a first down.

Felix Jones left for eight yards. McFadden left for four and a first down.
Jones up the middle for eight.
offside penalty on Auburn's noseguard and Arkansas has a first and goal from the six yard line with less than six and a half minutes remaining.
this isn't even going to be close.

McFadden up the middle for a yard.
Houston Nutt, Arkansas coach, is so excited on the sideline he looks like he's about to wet himself.
Auburn pursues upfield on a deep handoff to McFadden for a two yard loss. third and goal from the seven and a half and we've just passed inside five minutes.
Felix Jones takes a pitch right and is clobbered in the backfield for about a five yard loss.

Jeremy David, Arkansas's kicker, looks even less like a kicker than Sebastian Janikowski. he even wears number 50. but he nails it through the middle from the right hash and Arkansas leads by 17. and if the flicker of thought - have I done this? have I caused this loss by deciding, for the first time, to live blog this game? - flashed before, it's sticking around a little longer right now.

squib kick is allowed to roll through to the deep man who does absolutely nothing with it.
Auburn's ball on their own 17 with less than four minutes remaining.
short pass for little gain, incomplete pass across the middle (broken up) brings up third and nine.
pass left to Courtney Taylor should be good enough for the first.

Brandon Cox throws right into the breadbasket of Arkansas cornerback Darius Vinnett who promptly drops the ball.
another ugly incompletion (though not as ugly as the first one), followed by a sack of Cox. fourth and 15 and Auburn's not even going for it now.
Arkansas doesn't bother to put a man back so Bliss kicks (yeah, now he kicks) for 58 yards after the roll and I predict this is not the last game that Auburn will lose this season. not because they don't have the talent, but they fricking quit on this one, at home, against Arkansas. so what do you expect will happen when they play a team with a similar load of talent? like, say, Florida next week?

(man, it was going to be so downhill after that: Tulane, Ole Miss, and Arkansas State before Georgia (who has no offense) and Alabama (ditto)).

how does that Randy Newman song go?
shame, shame, shame, shame.

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