Saturday, October 21, 2006

exciting news

the Yes Network (home of those dreaded Yankees) is broadcasting today's Princeton-Harvard game.

it's like being there, except you don't have to freeze your ass off!

the Tigers, currently 5-0, just scored on a quarterback draw to tie the score at 7 so all is more or less well (except the long shots make the field look like early morning, sun-reflected lakewater - kind of hard to watch).

(there will be no live blog however, as there's way too damn much work to do and we all know what happened last time I blogged a Tiger game)

addendum: the Tigers just intercepted a pass at the Crimson 29 yard line. Harvard is also undefeated, having lost last to . . . Princeton, nine games ago.

update: early in the third quarter, after a three and out by Princeton, Harvard mounts an extremely impressive drive (including the conversion of a fourth and inches from their own 17 and an absolutely beautiful sideline catch by wide receiver Corey Mazza) to draw to within three.
so with just over eight minutes to go in the third, Princeton leads 24-21.

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