Sunday, October 1, 2006

I call shenanigans

inside of three hours from now will mark the one-week anniversary of my cold, flu, whatever. and while I'm better (relatively, say, compared to last Monday or Tuesday), I'm in no way "good."

and what happens (if you let it) when you have such an extended run of illness is that all manner of amateur physicians will step forward with potential cures.
for instance, in the past two days I have ingested Alka-Seltzer Plus, the rumored "non-drowsy" daytime formula (which is where I'm calling shenanigans). the medicines came from two different sources.

on Friday afternoon I drank something pink (cherry flavored?) and on Saturday evening it was the citrus flavor (resembled a Fresca).

and before everything was said and done on Friday I left work early, returned home and napped for almost three hours, despite the presence of construction workers (and their hammers and bandsaws) on the floor above.

last night I made it through approximately 37 minutes of Sir Carol Reed's Our Man in Havana (starring Alec Guiness) before the "non-drowsy" formula laid the smackdown. I woke ten and a half hours later feeling, well, pretty much like I did on Friday before I took the first dose.

first song of the day: Lambchop's "The Decline of Country and Western Civilization" from Damaged (available at eMusic)

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