Saturday, October 7, 2006

arkansas at auburn live blog - third quarter

Auburn's Matt Clark kicks the ball through the end zone to start the second half (and I think that backs up my wind theory on Kody Bliss from the first quarter since Auburn's moving left to right in the third quarter and they were going the opposite in the first).

note: halftime of a televised CBS game lasts almost exactly as long as it takes to prepare and ingest a fried bologna, egg and cheese sandwich (toasted white bread and mayo to further the Southern stereotype), and take bathroom and smoke breaks.
I mean, almost exactly.

Darren McFadden runs a draw for nine yards on second down and heads to the sideline holding his shoulder/right arm a little funny.

Auburn's line penetrates on third and short but Arkansas picks up the first.

Felix Jones gains seven up the middle on first down.

hand off to Jones for about two and a half.

third and short: McFadden re-enters the game but Mustain calls timeout.

I believe Steve Beurlein is the color commentator I've been referring to but I can't absolutely confirm just yet. whoever he is, I've agreed with him for the most part and have not found him annoying. his play-by-play partner is Craig Bolerjack (can I trade Brent Musberger for these guys for, say, the rest of my life?)

Arkansas throws a naked flare to the right for a nice gain and the first down.

Mustain takes the snap from the shotgun on third and six, Auburn gets good pressure from Marquies Gunn but Mustain escapes and tries to run over the Auburn tackler two yards short of the first.

Arkansas' punter, Jacob Skinner, does some kind of pagan, Florida State ritual behind the line of scrimmage (it looks like he's pretending to shoot an arrow up in the air). strange.
and it's a good punt but Robert Dunn (I still vote that he sits this half) dekes the Arkansas cover man and the ball bounds into the end zone for a touchback.

9:50 left in the third and Auburn has the ball on the 20.
attempted power run to the left but Arkansas safety Randy Kelly penetrates and drops Kenny Irons for a four-yard loss.
screen pass to Irons on second down for eight. third and six.
Cox is sacked at the 15 by Arkansas linebacker Weston Dacus.

Kody Bliss shanks the punt to his right for only 19 yards (something wrong with Kody other than wind?) so Arkansas will start at Auburn's 35.
this ain't looking good.

Arkansas starts from a funky, almost extra point formation, and wr Reggie Fish runs left for 29 yards to Auburn's six.

yes, Auburn has been off since a week ago Thursday (South Carolina) but Arkansas had a bye week following their overtime win against Alabama. and that's exactly the type of play you put in on an off-week.

review in progress, I think to see if Fish might've stepped out of bounds on the 15.

nope. Arkansas first and goal at the six.

pitch to McFadden who runs right with the pitch, untouched, until the goal line when he's met head on by Aairon Savage.
McFadden drops the ball but the refs rule him down on the one.

on second and six inches Mustain fumbles the snap but recovers (though somehow he doesn't lose any yardage? what's with that?)
Arkansas calls their second timeout of the half (they finished with one in the first half and that might've cost them a shot at a field goal as the half ended with them in Auburn territory).

pitch left to Felix Jones who is touched in the backfield by Will Herring but Herring can't make the tackle.
Arkansas leads 24-10 with 4:54 left in the third quarter.
this ain't looking good.

after the break, Beurlein says that he doesn't see Auburn as "a come from behind team." and he's right again. Auburn is a well-stocked, wear 'em down in the fourth quarter team.
which is not to say that the offense doesn't have firepower, but they're much stronger in ball control mode.

screen to Carl Stewart for a first down, then Cox is sacked by Ernest Mitchell for a seven yard loss (Auburn misses Joe Cope).

simple handoff to Kenny Irons goes for 17 and a first down.

a fake run, fake reverse bootleg pass to tight end Gabe McKenzie goes for a ten yard gain but should've been more and Cox got hammered in the backfield upon release.

long pass to Courtney Taylor, two steps in front of the defender, is short armed by Taylor (should've been caught for a huge gain) who actually slows down then watches as the ball lands a foot in front of him.
ugly flare pass to the left for a big loss, then Irons off to the left to bring up third and six from the thirty.

fumble! (I have no idea how that happened - mishandled snap?)
Irons recovers, flag on the play. Auburn's called for an illegal shift.
fourth and nine from the 36 and Auburn's going for it.
well, maybe not. Auburn's first timeout of the half with seven seconds left to go in the quarter.

I have no idea what that play was supposed to be, but Cox dropped back, feinted, dropped back some more, and then feinted into a Arkansas tackler for a ten yard loss.

memories of former Auburn quarterback Loren Carter.
and that's not a good thing.

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