Saturday, October 21, 2006

long day's journey into brooklyn (or, how I got home at 2:57 a.m.)

we're running late because we're playing around with the new camera, but eventually we make the walk to Steinway to catch the G train. and yes, we know that the G train stops running at 8:30 but we've got at least thirty minutes leeway there so off we set.

an R comes. we hesitate, then one of us (not me) asks the conductor who is leaning her head out the sliding window (ostensibly to visually check whether or not it's okay to close the doors), and learn that the G train doesn't stop at Steinway at all during the day, so we get on.

the conductor is nice enough to come into the car proper to explain further. G train doesn't run during the day (at least not at Steinway) so the signs that say the G train won't run from 8:30 Friday night until whatever pre-dawn hour on Monday are actually saying, It's not running at all. ever. at least not here at Steinway.

so we take the R to Queens Plaza, the V to Court Square where we catch the G train for three stops to Nassau Avenue where we disembark, walk the block towards McCarren Park to get to Enid's where our friends are patiently waiting with the last few sips of their first beer each.

our server is friendly and informative. the four of us order four different entrees (sweet potato quesadilla, creamed chicken and biscuit, fried chicken and smashed potatoes, and the three sides plate). everything is good and extremely affordable. we pay the bill, thank our server, and walk the couple blocks down to the Warsaw.

everyone, from doormen to security, is friendly. love the space (though they didn't seem to have the heat on). we miss Reid Paley, arriving sometime during the changeover to Frank Black who gets a mixed reaction from our group with the lowest marks from those only familiar with his Pixies material (an acoustic version of "Holiday Song," but that was about it).

and then.

and then we walk over to Union Pool (under the beautiful BQE) to catch the end of a friend's set.

unlike the Warsaw, Union Pool has no air-conditioning. and the front room provides a throng of drunken youngsters unseen since my last visit to a frat party. thick with loud, upwardly mobile drunks I'm telling you.

but there's another room in the back where the band plays and we managed to catch the last four songs.

but then.

but then we miss a G train (pulls out as we're heading down the stairs) at 1:30. we're planning to take the G to Court Square, transfer to the 7 (an elevated station and it's turned pretty damn cold by now), then to the N at Queensboro Plaza (another, even less protected from the elements station) to get home.

it takes more than 20 minutes, but less than 30 for the next G to come. four stops to Court Square where the conductor announces transfers available to the 7, E and V trains.

well, it's a walk to the 7. through the long station, up to the street, then up to the elevated. and the thing is, the 7 train isn't running. not running at all, it seems, from 12:30 Saturday morning to some pre-dawn hour on Monday. at least not between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza (and be forewarned: it appears the same plan will be in effect next weekend).

so there's a choice (in name only) to be made. and we eschew the E or V connection (which would mean another walk back), a transfer (after one stop) to the R, then a 12-15 minute walk home from Steinway.

wrong choice.

we walk through near desolate Long Island City to Queensboro Plaza. we're going to skip the 7 train entirely.

did I mention it was cold?

and we get to Queensboro Plaza (very elevated; many steps) and hit the N train platform just as the train pulls away.

I mean, I run ahead (I'm going to block the door or something) and I literally put my hand on the train (probably, in fact, bang on the door).

and then.

and then it pulls away.

I utter a choice expletive deleted (since at this hour (it's now 2:30) it's going to be another 20 minutes before another train comes).

it's only about a 20 minute walk from Queensboro to our apartment, but it's 2:30 in the morning, it's cold (did I mention it was cold?) and the streets in this neighborhood aren't exactly major thoroughfares during weekday hours and, truth be told, I'm feeling just a touch fortunate that the walk from Court Square to Queensboro Plaza was as uneventful as it was.

so we freeze our collective asses for 24 minutes before another N train comes and cross the threshold of our apartment at 2:57 a.m., bubbling with thoughts of never venturing to Brooklyn again. at least not during night time hours. at least not without commuting home through Manhattan.

forever and ever. amen.

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