Tuesday, December 14, 2021

the last book I ever read (Julie K. Brown's Perversion of Justice: The Jeffery Epstein Story, excerpt seven)

from Perversion of Justice: The Jeffery Epstein Story by Julie K. Brown:

But Edwards had been burned by the media at least once before. In 2015, Edwards had traveled with Giuffre, whom he was representing at the time, to New York for an interview with ABC News. Giuffre, dressed in a new white suit, was interviewed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York, telling her story on camera for the first time, to reporter Amy Robach.

But the story never saw the light of day. ABC claimed that “not all of the reporting met our standards to air,” and while the story was shelved at the time, it remained one they claimed they continued to probe with the intention to air. But in reality, a number of influential people, including Dershowitz and representatives of Prince Andrew, objected to the story, and ABC killed it.

I didn’t really, at the time, believe that any media network would have succumbed to pressure to ignore or drop such an important story. I just told myself that decisions are made every day about which stories to dedicate news resources to. I was, however, na├»ve, and wrong.

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