Tuesday, December 21, 2021

the last book I ever read (Julie K. Brown's Perversion of Justice: The Jeffery Epstein Story, excerpt fourteen)

from Perversion of Justice: The Jeffery Epstein Story by Julie K. Brown:

Brad Edwards, who spoke to Trump during his investigation into Epstein, claimed that, according to Trump, the problems between the two started when Epstein hit on the daughter of a Mar-a-Lago club member. Trump got angry and banned him from the resort.

But Epstein’s brother Mark had a different view of Epstein’s relationship with Trump. In a civil deposition, Mark Epstein stated that Trump had flown several times on Epstein’s plane and that the two were good friends.

“I know Trump is trying to distance himself, but they were,” he said, adding that Trump used to comp Epstein’s mother and aunt at one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City.

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