Monday, July 5, 2021

the last book I ever read (Seth Rogen's Yearbook, excerpt seven)

from Yearbook by Seth Rogen:

I shudder when I think about what would have happened if Trump was president when all this shit went down. He’d have sent my fucking head to North Korea in a box in exchange for some beautiful letters.

As strange a time as it all was, there were a lot of bright spots. Lauren couldn’t have been more supportive and wonderful. In the midst of the mayhem, I got an email from Russell Crowe, who I’d only met a couple times, inviting me to his ranch in Australia to hide if I needed to. I said no, but it always struck me as nice. George Clooney tried to get all the heads of the major studios to sign a letter in solidarity with Sony and the film. None of them would sign it, but I appreciated the attempt. The fact that Clooney spent even one afternoon thinking of me is flattering.

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