Saturday, July 3, 2021

the last book I ever read (Seth Rogen's Yearbook, excerpt six)

from Yearbook by Seth Rogen:

I spotted a big green room that said BOB DYLAN, with the doors wide open. There were dozens of people inside, so I was able to sneak in and grab a beer from the bar. I looked for Bob but didn’t see him. It would have been amazing to meet him. I’m a huge fan of his, which is kinda like saying, “I’m a huge fan of pasta,” in that who the fuck isn’t? There are not a lot of cool Jews to look up to, and he's objectively the top of the list. James Caan being right below him. James Caan is actually a scary Jew, which is almost unheard of. He’s in his own lane, Jew-wise.

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