Thursday, April 22, 2021

the last book I ever read (My Autobiography of Carson McCullers: A Memoir by Jenn Shapland, excerpt eleven)

from My Autobiography of Carson McCullers: A Memoir by Jenn Shapland:

Over the next four years, Carson finally published The Member of the Wedding, received her second Guggenheim Fellowship, met Tennessee Williams, learned to ski in Italy, had two more strokes, and attempted suicide. Tenn had written her a letter out of the blue in 1946 after staying up all night reading Wedding, and invited her to stay with him in Nantucket. Carson showed up in shorts and together they spent “a summer of sun and friendship” at the beach. “Every morning,” she writes, “we would work at the same table, he at one end, and me at the other.” She cooked Spuds Carson “almost every day,” her own recipe which “consisted of baked potatoes, mashed with butter, onions, and cheese. After a long swim it was good fare.” She befriended and later grew to despise Pancho Rodríguez, Tenn’s partner, and told Tenn all about Reeves. Unexpectedly, Annemarie’s old girlfriend, Baroness Margot Von Opel, stayed with them for some of the summer. Carson began a play version of Member of the Wedding in Nantucket, and Tenn helped her find a new agent, Audrey Wood.

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