Sunday, April 4, 2021

the last book I ever read (Gluck: Her Biography by Diana Souhami, excerpt seven)

from Gluck: Her Biography by Diana Souhami:

Within weeks, Bolton House was commandeered by the Auxiliary Fire Service. She handed the whole thing over to her Trustees to sort out, kept the studio as a London pied-รก-terre and moved in with Nesta’s mother, Mrs Sawyer, while searching for a house close to Nesta’s to rent. Mrs Gluckstein, mindful of the hints Nesta had dropped of her mother being less than enamoured of Gluck as a house guest, wrote to thank Mrs Sawyer. ‘I do not want thanks when it is a pleasure to me to have Gluck,’ Mrs Sawyer replied.

The upheaval and uncertainty unsettled Gluck and she felt Nesta was not helping all she might. ‘My looks say I am well, my spirit is a mess at the moment and my body and nerves almost at the end of their tether,’ she wrote to her mother (24 September 1939). But she soon found a house and because of petrol rationing got herself a bicycle, which she quickly learned to ride. Nesta bought a motorbike, which she rode around the lanes at alarming speed.

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