Tuesday, April 6, 2021

the last book I ever read (Gluck: Her Biography by Diana Souhami, excerpt nine)

from Gluck: Her Biography by Diana Souhami:

The last painting which linked directly with Nesta’s life was of her mother, Ethel Sawyer. Gluck’s second picture of her showed her as she lay dying in 1943. The next year Gluck and Nesta were to part. The painting was the flip side of the YouWe profile. Resemblance between mother and daughter is strong, but now the eyes are closed, the face tired of life, creased with pain, all vision gone. Somewhere in Gluck’s psyche it had registered that Eternity in love is hard to find. ‘Nothing but happy pictures since YouWe,’ she had written to Nesta in 1936. Seven years later she was painting the death of her lover’s mother.

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