Monday, January 25, 2016

the last book I ever read (The Door by Magda Szabó, excerpt one)

from The Door by Magda Szabó:

That morning I was given a lesson in where the two of them went for their walk. Viola ran me through Emerence’s district. Half-blinded by the falling snow and gasping for breath, with Viola setting the pace, I was hauled to each of the eleven houses where she cleaned, hurtling from one to the next in a mindless Peet Gynt dash. Finally he tugged so hard he managed to pull me over. But we had reached his destination. We’d found the person he was looking for. Emerence was standing with her back to us, so he jumped up at her from behind, nearly knocking her over as well. However she was strong – ten times stronger than I have ever been. She turned, saw me kneeling there in the snow, and instantly realised what had happened. First she yanked the dog firmly by the stray end of the leash; then, whenever he started to whine, she hit him. I hauled myself to my feet, feeling thoroughly sorry for the animal.

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