Tuesday, March 31, 2020

the last book I ever read (Night Boat to Tangier: A Novel by Kevin Barry, excerpt nine)

from Night Boat to Tangier: A Novel by Kevin Barry:

You know why, Charlie? Because if Irish people are martyrs for the drink, they’re worse again for the dope, once they get the taste for it, because it eases the anxiety, and we’re a very anxious people.

Why wouldn’t we be, Moss? I mean Jesus Christ in the garden, after all that we been through? Dragging ourselves around that wet tormented rock on the edge of the black Atlantic for the months and years never-ending and the long gawpy faces screamin’ for the light and the jaws operatin’ on wires and the pale little yellow arses hanging out the back end of us?

Dope be the only thing get us through, Charles.

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