Monday, July 15, 2013

the last book I ever read (Roberto Bolaño's The Skating Rink, excerpt one)

from Roberto Bolaño's The Skating Rink:

. . . Lying awake at night of late, I have often wondered what prompted me to take her to the Palacio Benvingut for the first time. As well as love—whose attempts to please generally come to grief—The Blue Lagoon is to blame. Yes, I’m referring to the film, that old movie starring Brooke Shields. To be thoroughly honest, and to be indulge your curiosity, I should disclose that the whole Martí family loved The Blue Lagoon: Nuria, her mother and her sister Laia simply couldn’t get enough of Brooke and Nick’s adventures in Paradise. Have you seen The Blue Lagoon? Even after sitting through the video five times, in the little lounge of Nuria’s apartment, I couldn’t find any cinematic merit in it . . .

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