Saturday, October 6, 2012

the last book I ever read (Marcus Samuelsson's Yes, Chef, excerpt nine)

from Yes, Chef: A Memoir by Marcus Samuelsson:

Meeting my father, and knowing that I had been loved by him despite his decades-long absence, gave me the courage to meet my daughter. Not that I didn't want to meet her before, it was just that it had to be on my terms. Chefs, after all, are well-known control freaks. And so I wanted to make sure that my first meeting with my daughter went off with the precision of a four-star, seven-course meal. I felt like I had to perfect myself before meeting her, so that she could find no fault; that's the chef's mentality. But after traveling to Ethiopia, to a village that did not exist on any map, and sitting with my father in his dirt-floored hut, something changed: I realized that meeting my daughter not at all like orchestrating the perfect restaurant meal. All I needed to do was give Zoe what my father had given me: my own flawed self, without excuses or promises.

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