Saturday, August 11, 2012

The 49ers, #114: John Blair

In early 2010, Rob Trucks began a series of conversations with 49-year-old Americans. For eighteen months, until the eve of his own 50th birthday, Trucks interviewed over 200 men and women. This is one of those interviews:

Writer John Blair has published two novels, a book of poetry and a short story collection, American Standard , which won the Drue Heinz Literature Prize in 2002. He holds degrees from Florida State and Tulane, and now teaches at Texas State University.

We spoke in March of 2011, just about halfway between his 49th and 50th birthdays.

* * *

It just seems like another birthday. It doesn’t really seem like much of an impending doom sort of thing. I’m just cooking along.

I think I had my big crisis back around 45. It definitely wasn’t any chronological thing. It was just sort of a really coming to consider the fact of mortality thing. At some intellectual level, of course, I always realized that, but it really kind of hit home. And for no particular reason. It just seemed suddenly to become more of a significant thing than it had been before.

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