Wednesday, August 2, 2006

americanitis comes to nyc

temperatures have reached the triple digits in NYC. and not to sound too much like a Texan, but 100 degrees in New York City is a little different than 100 degrees everywhere else.
sure, the humidity is worse (much worse) in the South, but the South can't fit eight million people in a space 13 miles long and two miles wide. and the South doesn't have those little underground transportation tunnels that'll damn near knock the breath out of you when you enter.
yes, our own little conveyor belt through hell (at least temperature-wise).

but that's not the big news.
the big news is that Americanitis (in the person of one Will Kimbrough) is coming to New York (hope it's cooler for him).

two weeks from today Will Kimbrough will be performing at the world-famous Lakeside Lounge and we're having a party to celebrate.
we figure the festivities to run from about six to nine that evening with Will playing somewheres in the middle.
come join us (and bring a fan).

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