Thursday, August 17, 2006

sam baylor

I've been thinking a lot about Sam Baylor recently.

Sam's the former guitarist from Will and the Bushmen and he's had a rough few weeks (but I'll let him tell his own story). But earlier in the year he released his first solo album, Life on Trouble Street (how's that for foreshadowing), and it's damn good and I've been listening to it quite a bit, particularly "God" and "Free Advice."

I'm at a somewhat of a loss as to a reason, but I'm fairly certain that back in my performing days I covered more songs of Sam's than any other contemporary. Covering other folks' songs, especially nearby folks, just wasn't something that you did, and yet we covered Sam's stuff. Guess we thought it was really good.

Will Kimbrough was kind enough to allow me to assist on his cover of Sam's "Free Advice" last night during his Lakeside Lounge set and it felt pretty damn wonderful to both play with Will and to sing one of Sam's songs.

So: it's a beautiful day in the city and we're thinking of and listening to Sam in celebration.
You should too.

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