Wednesday, August 30, 2006

todd snider on letterman

Monday evening I walked over to the Letterman show so as to hang out in the sixth floor dressing room while Todd Snider and band (including friends Will Kimbrough, Molly Thomas, Peter Cooper, Tommy Womack and Paul Griffith) served as the musical guest for the second taping (meaning that the show, with two segments of Al Franken, will be broadcast this coming Friday, September 1st - check your local listings).

there was one specific ventriloquist reference and one classic Buddy Hackett joke that will likely be excised from the taping (just a guess).

afterwards the band walked over to Randolph's Bar inside the Warwick Hotel for multiple celebratory rounds (thanks Jose).

the above pic was taken no more than a couple rounds in, and photo credit probably goes to me (and who the hell really remembers), but the shot definitely came from Molly Thomas' (new) camera, regardless of who was standing behind it at the time.

great lost song of the day: "Rutherford B. Hayes" by The Great Plains (available at eMusic)

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