Saturday, August 19, 2006

tell me when it's over

the consequential cut of the day comes from our good friend Steve Wynn's first album, the Dream Syndicate's Days of Wine and Roses.

and I'm here to tell you that it's over.
the guests are all gone and the triptych of commemorative celebrations of the anniversary of my birth is complete (plus we're almost eight hours past the official 24-hour cycle).

the highlight, of course, was Will Kimbrough's performance at the Lakeside Lounge (photo courtesy of Louis Chen), but we also managed meals at Benny's Burritos, Two Boots, Vong and Tribeca Grill (with only Benny's falling short of the balance in my memory bank), an afternoon walk through the Chihuly glasswork at the New York Botanical Garden and a show by the New York Dolls at the South Street Seaport, all shared with thoughtful friends.

I'm fairly exhausted, yet filled with internal (as opposed to, you know, external) gladness.

thank you all.

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