Tuesday, July 25, 2006


congratulations to my good friend Will Kimbrough on today's official release of his stellar full-length Americanitis.

buy a copy, dammit. it's good, good stuff.

I remember walking into the Eric McConnell's studio (the same place where Loretta Lynn and Jack White recorded the Grammy-winning Van Lear Rose (and I have pics to prove it if'n you ask nice)) that very first day (a very cold President's Day in February 2005) to record.

feels like a long time ago, though I'm sure it feels even longer to Will.

and no, I didn't play on the record (though full federal disclosure laws compel me to reveal that I did contribute lyrics to the title track and one other tune). I was just there hanging out, getting cold, taking pictures and petting the dogs.

you know, trying not to get in the way.

but that story (such as it is) is for another time and place. if you want to read more now, follow the link to this lengthy but worthwhile feature on Will in last Friday's Mobile Press-Register.

in the meantime, toast a glass to Mr. Kimbrough for a job well done. and treat yourself by purchasing a copy of Americanitis (I'm serious; click the link now).

1 comment:

  1. Good album. Solid. Great mix. Good lyrics.

    Will keeps getting better and better.