Sunday, May 28, 2006

the rumors are true

eMusicwill end their 50 Free Download promotion at the end of the month, so turn off the war movies and jump upon it (I believe the new promotion will offer 25 Free Downloads).

Last Book Read: Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson, a thoroughly researched account of Lincoln's assassination and the attempted escape by John Wilkes Booth.
Turns out that Booth's killer was one Boston Corbett, "a quirky English immigrant who adopted the name 'Boston' to honor the city in which he found Christ."
(so Jesus is a Red Sox fan, huh?)
"Quirky," however, is an understatement.
Corbett, "having perused the eighteenth and nineteenth chapters of Matthew," took a pair of scissors and made an opening one inch long in the lower part" of his own scrotum. "He then drew the testes down and cut them off."
After performing the operation, Corbett "went to a prayer meeting" and "ate a hearty dinner."
Corbett achieved some short-term notoriety for his revenge of Lincoln's death, as well as $1,653.84 in reward money.
He "got a job as assistant doorkeeper of the Kansas House of Representatives" but soon after "drew a revolver and held the legislature hostage."
Corbett was committed to an asylum but escaped the following year, never to be heard from again.

Last DVD Watched: Friday Night Lights
After a good start the film self-castrates its own realism in favor of a stock Hollywood ending.
Call it Hoosiers Light (except it’s football in Texas instead of basketball in Indiana. And they split the drunk, crazy parent in two and don’t let him/her coach.
And, oh yeah, they lose).
But country singer Tim McGraw is surprisingly good as one half of the drunk/crazy tandem.

Off to do some transcribing in front of one of two relatively unappetizing baseball games: Mets at Marlins or Royals at Yankees.

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