Saturday, May 6, 2006

mixed emotions

yes indeedy, emotions in a roil.

I'm quite torn about ever updating the blog again given that a couple days ago my Google search box populated itself with all sorts of interesting links to Dayton, Ohio. a Dayton job search, realtor, lodging options, access to the local classifieds - you name it. and that's just so fricking beautiful I don't want to ever change (for about a week the top entry link was to a Christian bookstore - which is fine and all, I just never saw the connection).

also, I had songs of the day for Tuesday (a Guided by Voices selection), Wednesday (Rodney Crowell) and Friday (an Allen Toussaint-penned number covered by Lowell George), but the backdating feature on Blogger disappeared months ago (at least to my eyes), though you can still see a blip of it go by when the new post is created.
I'll save the Songs of the Day for a later time since I don't want to duplicate (though I've been sorely tempted to designate Lambchop's "Up With People" more than once) and I imagine that these three will likely appear in my brain again.

two of the three are direct results of spending parts of three days at The Canal Room for the Tribeca Film Festival's ASCAP Music Lounge.
my buddy Will was in town Tuesday and Wednesday to play with Rodney Crowell and I went to both shows. the ASCAP staff - Loretta and Julie and Tami, et al - were just as nice as they could be, and thanks to Loretta I was able to attend Friday's much-anticipated set by Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint.

good cracker. gooooood cracker.

Tuesday afternoon I maneuver around James "Blood" Ulmer to retrieve a warmish Mtn Dew (the frig worked better on Wednesday) and the following day participated in a nice conversation with Josh Ritter about the difference between crudites and hors d'ouevres (we're still not certain).

Tuesday evening Will, my friend Rob, my spouse and I had a lovely dinner at my mother's favorite NYC restaurant, the Cowgirl. Wednesday night yielded a scrumptious repast with my spouse, Will and Rodney at a long-time favorite Piccolo Angolo, also in the West Village (order the lobster canneloni; trust me).
Thursday night Rob and I went to the Mets game to see Tom Glavine look quite masterful in shutting down my beloved (and woeful) Pirates (now shutout in two consecutive games), and all that activity should go some ways in explaining why Songs of the Day didn't get posted earlier in the week.

so of course by Friday evening (and there was of course writing and editing and the like going on as well) I was 'xhausted, but my spouse and I made a half-hearted attempt to view the Elvis/Toussaint documentary, Putting the River in Reverse. neither of us, however, possessed the energy nor the patience to stand in line to see if we would be allowed to buy tickets so we headed down to Great Jones for dinner, back up to The Strand for shopping (it's like a museum - a bit overwhelming, as in I can never remember just what books I'm looking for once I get inside) before heading home.
a long week.

today should be filled by transcribing interviews with Carl Palmer (famed drummer of Emerson, Lake and Palmer) and Mark Pickerel (former drummer for Screaming Trees) and a late afternoon interview with Adam Goldman (not a drummer) of Bedroom Walls.
which is more than enough for an off-day.

and the final emotional rollercoaster rides the track of image selection. I've never posted a picture in the blog that shows my face. and I pretty much like it that way. but I'm considering breaking the non-existent rule just this once since it's a nice shot of Rodney (editor's note: why mess with success? I cropped myself out. photo credit: my friend Ted).

happy birthdays this week (May 1-8) to Will, Charlie Froelich, Wayne and Gann.

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