Saturday, May 27, 2006

mlb on fox

Lou Pinella is the worst Fox color commentator since the network hired
Bret Boone a couple playoffs back (a disaster by all accounts).

the former Devil Rays manager's monotone voice is a perfect match for his extraordinarily inane comments: Tom Glavine "is pitching well" (duh - he's struck out four without a hit or a walk in the first three innings), "the Mets have a good lineup," most every member of the Marlins is "a good young player," and Dontrelle Willis, in particular, is not only a "good-looking pitcher" but "a good young hitter" as well. even Mets utility man Chris Woodward has been singled out as "a good little hitter."

(Glavine just struck out Hanley Ramirez with "a good fastball" and then David Wright got "a really good jump" on a grounder by Dan Uggla, leading Pinella to conclusively determine that "Wright's a good third baseman.")

but don't think that Pinella doesn't do his research.
we just learned that he saw a couple of the Marlins games in Tampa Bay last weekend. and despite being swept in three by the Devil Rays, Pinella says they played "good baseball."

"good" God, we're only in the fifth inning.

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