Saturday, November 16, 2013

the last book I ever read (Meyer: A Novel by Stephen Dixon, excerpt five)

from Meyer: A Novel by Stephen Dixon:

“I’d love to take you and Mom out for lunch, but you won’t let me.”

“You don’t make enough to be tossing around dough like that. Besides, the food’s much better and safer at home than in any restaurant. And they’re all clip joints, charging half a buck for coffee when it should be, for what it costs them to make it and their overhead, a stinking dime.”

“They have to make a profit, don’t they?”

“What do you know about profit? You’re the guy who hates money. They make too much profit as it is, is what I’m trying to explain to you, and I don’t want it to be off you or me, where we’re taken for complete jerks.”

“Another reason for going out to lunch is Mom could use a break from taking care of you.”

“She’s getting one now.”

“You know what I mean. A restaurant, outside the house, having a lunch she didn’t have to make.”

“So take her and leave me.”

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