Friday, October 3, 2008

yesterday's news

Michael Pigott, the police officer who ordered the Tasering of Iman Morales, a mentally ill man in the throes of an rooftop episode (menacingly swinging a long florescent light bulb) in Bed-Stuy, committed suicide. on his 46th birthday. and hours before Morales' funeral (Morales died from his fall from the roof after being Tasered). very, very sad all the way around.

and Mr. Clean, House Peters Jr, died too.

Richard Hell turned 59.

also Sting, Lani O'Grady (Mary on "Eight is Enough"), Lorraine Bracco, Donna Karan, Third Man author Graham Greene, and the late former WWE (though it was the WWF at the time) champion, Yokozuna, also had birthdays.

but, as they say in the Bible, the greatest of these is Groucho Marx who would've been 98.

I watched part of A Night at the Opera.

and all of the vice-presidential debate.

while I enjoyed Night at the Opera more (hard to beat Groucho), I was immensely pleased with Joe Biden's performance. forceful and direct throughout.
I hope Barry-O takes a cue and puts it to good use on Tuesday.

I also watched part of the Tampa Bay game.
I'm not suggesting they're actually going to win the whole thing, but I'm pulling for the Rays (despite being a National Leaguer at heart).

and the 20th episode of Possibly 4th Street, this one featuring Missouri band Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin just south of Strawberry Fields in Central Park, posted at the Voice.

and yesterday's interview subject, Lindsey Buckingham, turned 59 today (according to most websites, though at least one suggests that he's now 61). so yes, Richard Hell is older.

are you here for the Live Metallica download code?
well, tomorrow (Saturday), most likely between the end of the Alabama game and the start of the Auburn game, I'll post codes that'll not only get you free live Metallica, but the new Kings of Leon album, the new Oasis album, as well as a limited edition Oasis t-shirt.
stay tuned.

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