Thursday, October 2, 2008

for those who are hoping to rock

hold on to your little pantaloons. help is coming (though maybe not quite as soon as you'd like).

but first:

another post today. a short feature on Lambchop leader Kurt Wagner for his hometown alt-weekly, the Nashville Scene. I believe it's available in print later this afternoon (Thursday) and the Voice online should have something else of mine tomorrow or the next day, and next week the long-form interview version of my discussion with Kurt will post and then probably another Possibly 4th Street episode after that.

while normal's not really the word, the schedule of at least the past couple days has been, say, a little less insane (horrible, stupid, overused word often signifying overwriting, so let's call this usage a tribute to the still touring Lindsey Buckingham (who will play NYC the night that Springsteen and Billy Joel have decided to raise money for Barack Obama - ouch)).

but Monday was kind of nuts. early morning finishing touches on the aforementioned Lambchop piece. early afternoon finishing touches on the interview with Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier.

yesterday, though, some much-missed, much-appreciated time with my spouse and a yes/no/maybe (final verdict: no) follow-up with the aforementioned Mr. Buckingham.

and today a trip to J. J. Byrne Park in Brooklyn (not exactly my old or new stomping grounds (read: a long damn subway ride in which to work through a few more pages of Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn (I miss reading)) to film a Possibly 4th Street with Damien Jurado (and Jenna Conrad and Eric Fisher). nice, talented folk.

which makes the recent iPod playlist consist of three primary albums: Damien's Caught in the Trees, Beck's Modern Guilt and the upcoming collaboration between Vic Chesnutt and Elf Power entitled Dark Developments (out either October 14th or 28th, depending on who you believe).

I'm going to take a night off from the Live Metallica download code because, honestly, not only is it late but the codes are on the computer in the other room which currently contains a sleeping spouse.
and it's more important to me (much more important actually) for her to be happy with me than you.

but come back tomorrow and I promise something super man-bear-pig special, and maybe even worth your time.

busy ain't genius, baby.

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