Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yes, I'm really slow

but it wasn't until Monday morning when the last-minute weekly scheduling began in earnest that I realized that, for at least a few days, CMJ and the World Series run concurrently.
my suspicion is that I never really believed that Tampa would get through, because I would've cared markedly less about a Red Sox-Phillies series.

go (Devil) Rays!

but the last-minute scheduling did cause a very real sense of frustration (since alleviated, somewhat), causing Lambchop's most excellent "Your F@cking Sunny Day" to be played almost repeatedly.
(today was, in fact, sunny here, if a bit on the brisk side)

in honor of Mission of Burma's upcoming show this Thursday at the MHOW, we've got a new album of the week (look to your right).

and some free reading, too. episode 22 of Possibly 4th Street, this with Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning on the beach at Coney Island, posted this morning.

busy ain't genius, baby.

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