Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I ate White Castle for dinner and my apartment knows it

definitely not the day to wish that the walls could talk because they'd be making some uglyass remarks.

I don't believe I've mentioned the economy in the last several posts. placing my faith in denial, I guess. but it's a quarter to three (shout out to Gary U. S. Bonds) in the morning on the East Coast and Japan's Nikkei index is currently down over 9% ON THE DAY.
which, yes, is even uglier than Auburn's loss to Vandy (though that hurt was pretty close to physical as well).

and you wonder why I never leave the apartment.

Ed Brinkman died.

boy, this is a fun post, ain't it?

so head this way: I've got a feature in this week's Voice print edition on Jimmy Cobb, drummer, Harlem resident and last surviving member of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue sessions (that's Mr. Cobb pictured above).
Sony Legacy has issued a very nice, very expensive 50th Anniversary edition even though the golden anniversary of the release of jazz's most popular album isn't until next August (and the likewise anniversary of the first recording session isn't until next March).

also, the previously promised long-form Q and A with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner (and it comes with a free download of "Slipped Loosed and Dissolved; my own Lambchop playlist suggestions (un-free, unfortunately) will be posted later today in honor of Kurt's gig at Joe's Pub this evening). the new album, OH (Ohio), dropped yesterday. as did the Annuals' Such Fun (Possibly 4th Street session with those guys popping soon). and new records from Catfish Heaven, Deerhoof, Department of Eagles, Jolie Holland (though I seem to have slipped off the Anti/Epitaph list; somebody call and complain), Oasis, Jay Reatard, Rise Against, Rosebuds, Marnie Stern and Women.
yep, it's a big, big, big, big week in IndieLand.

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