Tuesday, July 31, 2007

five things I've learned in the past week

(quite possibly in order of importance)

1. even if you order overnight shipping and then take a cab home with the surliest, most misdirected Chinese man you've ever met (how about being waved off while trying to give directions over the Queensboro Bridge and two minutes later finding yourself entering Central Park from Sixth Avenue?) to make sure that everything gets home in one piece so you can play all weekend long, you still cannot make Guitar Hero II work on a PlayStation 3 machine unless you have a Pelican adapter (and good luck finding a place that'll sell you one of those (even in "the city that never sleeps") after 9:45 on a Friday night).

2. that whole "anaphylatic" spiel the doctor gives you right before she bruises your arm trying to inject the barium so they can do the CTscan might actually have some relevance. my skin hasn't been this bad since junior high.

3. Beyonce Knowles' daddy is from Gadsden, Alabama and spells his first name with only one t.

4. just because there was no rain even though it was forecast for two straight days, if, on the third day, the forecast still calls for rain and you're going to be outside photographing for a while so you're carrying your backpack anyway, you might as well take an umbrella.

5. a lot of acquaintances are quite surprised that I have yet to see The Simpsons Movie in its first three (make it four now) days of release.

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