Saturday, August 4, 2007

life is beautiful

probably (though Warren Zevon believed (correctly, as it turns out) that Life'll Kill Ya).

but recently, at least the past few days and weeks, if not months, life, both personally and out there in the world (steam pipe explosions, bridges collapsing), has seemed pretty damn random, arbitrary.
which makes life pretty damn frustrating.

so I do what I always, usually, mostly do: send a flurry of random, arbitrary e-mails and then retreat.

(retreating's fun; one of my favorite things actually)

but one evening of doing laundry, washing dishes, actually walking to a new Chinese restaurant (a Halal Chinese restaurant?) in the neighborhood for take-out (rather than simply calling for delivery), then coming home to watch DVDs (what turned out to be four episodes of Season Three of The Sopranos even though we haven't seen Seasons One or Two; I guess we're trying to catch up on the pop culture we've somehow missed. so what's next? seven volumes of Harry Potter books?) despite the fact that we still haven't convinced the PlayStation 3 and the television to talk properly to each other, made sense, a balance of work and relaxation, at least for a night.

recent work:

I took the photo that runs alongside Harvilla's Down in Front column in the Voice this week (some photogs work the Police at MSG; I shoot kids dancing in front of Escort at the Stuy Town Oval).

and Wednesday I submitted a Kelly Willis piece to Kansas City that subsequently went through damn near innumerable transformations, including several last minute changes, all the way until Friday morning. enough that I'm not sure what to think about the piece now, though I'm pretty sure I've irrevocably skunked up the tone. very frustrating that. the one speck of redemption I can point to is my non-gratuitous mention of the vaunted Whac-A-Mole game (admittedly more fun in an arcade, perhaps at Chuck E. Cheese).
you try working Whac-A-Mole into a Kelly Willis piece for Kansas City.

at least one previously unpublished Morrissey photograph is up at last concert I ever saw, with some Kelly Willis and Billy Joe Shaver to follow shortly (probably).

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  1. but have you seen Simpson's Movie yet ?