Monday, July 23, 2007

we're back from alabama

and at least part of our trip is covered in today's Sound of the City blog on the Village Voice website.

the rest? well, it'll come later.

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  1. rob - this guy looks (in the photo) like a young GCW - ("boo,boo,boo") was that on purpose ???? this is from an ole college roomie at USA - I'm amazed but not surprised by your success - if you want to catch up on things write me a quick note at - to verify this as authentic, quick notes ; u lost SB pres to nerdy guy named tillman, other roomie was dazz who maybe did "bong hits with Bugs Bunny" (can u say that on the web?), we went to Gainesville with phi mu gals & Phil Theodore to bowl badly, went to Clash at "Warehouse" in N.O.