Friday, July 13, 2007

oh yeah, happy friday the 13th

yea verily, though I walk through the eve of friday the 13th, I have no fear. because thursday the 12th was such an indisputedly reverse Midas (everything you touch turns to shit) day that things can only turn up from here.

for starters, I accidentally (of course) threw away my thirty-day Metro Card (like the incinerator threw away; not the garbage can threw away). and though they can be replaced or refunded if you purchase with a debit or credit card from a Metro Card vending machine, I buy mine through work. so shit out of luck. and it took a ten minute phone (eight minutes of navigating through various and sundry meaningless (to me) Metro Card promotions before confirming that fact.

and speaking of debit or credit cards, my ATM debit card expired. I found out today. on my way to lunch. no replacement card reached my mailbox. go figure.

and then there was a pair of phone calls to US Air totalling forty-five minutes (and four US Air employees, one of whom, a supervisor, was the least helpful of all) in order to get them to correct a mistake they had made a month ago with my upcoming reservation (we'll see Morrissey in Birmingham, AL next Thursday night).

and blah blah this and blah blah that, until the reverse Midas was irrefutably confirmed when either several birds, or a single bird with some severe gastro-intestinal distress, shat upon me while I waited to cross the street near the southeast corner of Central Park.
you can talk about good luck all you want, it's still no fun walking around Manhattan with half your shirt (oh, why exaggerate? call it one-third of a shirt) speckled with bird poop.

song of the day: Chris Thile's cover of the White Stripes' "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground," which I must've listened to a dozen times on Thursday (ed. note: it's a great song and I'm not quite superstitious enough (yet) to think that repeated listens brought about any of today's unfortunate occurrences).

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