Friday, March 31, 2006

song of the day: "instant karma!"

not an unusual choice, I know (unless you figure there's thirty million songs out there that could conceivably be "song of the day"), but let me tell you how I get there:

I'm reading Steve Matteo's book Let It Be from Continuum's 33 1/3 series. which means that I've been listening to Let It Be for a while since each of these books (a slight generalization of the series) contains numerous triggers, whether through song analysis or a recap of a recording sessions, that pretty much steer you to that particular album, especially if you're reading on the subway (most of my reading time) and already have the earbuds in. so "Two of Us" would've been Wednesday's "song of the day" if I'd taken the time to so designate, etc. but this morning on the ride in I read of the many (many many) other songs played (rehearsed, run through) during the never-quite-official Let It Be sessions, one of which was Lennon's "Instant Karma!" which pretty much led to Phil Spector's participation in the whole thing.

then there's the opening: "Instant Karma's gonna get you." now I'm a fairly superstitious guy, a believer in karma, fate, biorhythms and the like. and it's been a fairly trying week both physically and financially (damn near everyone wants money - grown-up stuff like taxes and dentist bills and another iPod on its last legs (maybe that one's not so grown-up)), but I'm not paranoid enough to really believe that I've somehow brought it on myself. instead I'll lean towards a friend's observation (true or not) that Mercury's in retrograde until Monday or sumpin' and we're all pretty much under this bigass cloud until then.

which makes this weekend's goal just getting through, maintaining, avoiding the pitfalls, the potholes, both literal and figurative.
and that's not too much to ask for, is it?
somebody knock some Norwegian wood.

last book read: Conversations with Tom Petty by Paul Zollo

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