Thursday, March 2, 2006

the mysteries of publishing

will not soon be solved. and far be it from me to question the business practices of a former Time Man of the Year (Jeff Bezos), but for whatever reason The Shortstop is now available at Amazon for the low, low (in fact, lowest ever) price of $9.72 (with The Catcher at $9.74 and The Starting Pitcher still above $10). I doubt you can get a better deal anywheres.

and if you add my buddy Will Blythe's new fantabulous tome, To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry, that'll get you just over the $25 free shipping threshold.

Will, by the way, has a free excerpt up on if'n you like the free Internet reading thang

this has been a public service announcement.

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