Saturday, April 1, 2006

somehow I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

actually we've never been to Kansas. we swear.
(why? is something missing?)

"there's a storm a-comin', Mama."

"yes Elvis, I know."

(the television show, Elvis, starring Michael St. Gerard as Elvis and Millie Perkins as his mother Gladys, really was a good 'un)

and there's a storm a-comin' to NYC.
the wind is Kansas strong, enough to knock drawings by nieces off the refrigerator and blow the amaryllis off the window sill, scattering potting soil throughout the kitchen.
and there's really nothing more satisfying than spending a Saturday morning collecting strewn potting soil.

morning listening, both work-related: The Books' Lemon of Pink (for an upcoming Cleveland Scene piece) and Gomez' How We Operate (for No Depression)

happy birthday Gerald Uggen and Sheelagh Bevan . . .

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