Sunday, March 19, 2006


the NCAA tournament got a lot less interesting, personally, around 4:45 EST today when UNC took it on the chin from George Mason (yes, I was one of those bitching about them getting into the tournament over Hofstra, and it's still difficult for me to utter a complete sentence about the Patriots without working in the phrase "punched in the groin") and Bucknell was minutes away from their exit courtesy of Memphis. of course, Alabama made a valiant effort against UCLA last night (the same cannot be said about my outmatched alma mater's loss to Florida on Thursday) but now all are gone, all are gone.

inexplicably one of my ESPN brackets is currently in the 99th percentile of picks, somewhere around 14,500 in the national rankings.

but it's definitely been four days of little more than basketball and Six Feet Under DVDs (courtesy of the New York Public Library) and catching up on transcribing interviews (with Stefanie Bohm of Ms. John Soda, Patterson Hood of Drive-by Truckers and Paul de Jong of The Books) for future deadlines.

Will Blythe's book, To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry, is still hot, still on the New York Times' Best Seller List, and Friday he gave an interview on NPR. still well-deserved.

last book read: Elisabeth Vincentelli's Abba Gold.

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