Friday, May 10, 2024

the last book I ever read (A Hall of Mirrors by Robert Stone, excerpt five)

from A Hall of Mirrors by Robert Stone:

Farley and Natasha were lovers like Eloise and Abelard. Through her, Farley discovered how far you could travel with your shoes off; it occurred to him that in all his years as a physical fitness consultant he had really been missing the whole point. To him, Natasha was spikenard from the East, an oriental sesame of dandy surprises; she was the end of all he required from the race of women, his gold and frankincense and myrrh. He loved the way she looked at him. Farley had heard of Eloise and Abelard.

Natasha thought Farley was like the ultimate in cosmic philosophy; her friends allowed he was a pretty cat – she told them he got his muscles from having been a lox fisherman. Farley was a gas – could they go to Nova Scotia and like live on an island and like wring their existence from a cold and hostile sea? Could he play bagpipes? Natasha thought the Church of the Vision of the Power of Love was the End Bit. She had heard of Eloise and Abelard, too.

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