Friday, April 28, 2017

the last book I ever read (South and West: From A Notebook by Joan Didion, excerpt seven)

from South and West: From A Notebook by Joan Didion:

At dinner in the Holiday Inn, overhearing an academic foursome: two teachers, the wife of one of them, and a younger woman, perhaps a graduate student or a teaching assistant. They were talking about how the SAEs and the Sigma Nus and the Sigma Chis used to “control politics.” The break in this situation had come when Archie Manning, who was I believe a Sigma Nu, had run for something and either lost, or just barely won, which went to prove. There had been “a little article in the Mississippian about this,” about the way the Greeks used to run things, and, said one of the men, “it said they did no more, but it upset my wife and daughter. Why did that have to be?”

The others added that the piece had been “trivial,” “not very well done,” but they did not address themselves to their colleagues’s plaintive question.

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