Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the last book I ever read (Sheri Fink's Five Days at Memorial, excerpt sixteen)

from Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink:

Embellishing the profound hardships she experienced might have been inconsequential except for the fact that as Pou lectured to medical groups around the country, she used these stories—juxtaposed with the fact of her arrest—to convince her audiences of the need to crusade for immunity laws that would prevent people from suing and prosecuting medical professionals in future emergencies. In her talks, Pou sometimes flashed her mug shot on the screen, but she did not say that she was arrested for having allegedly murdered patients, not for having made the challenging and controversial triage decisions she discussed. In fact, she left out mention of injecting patients entirely. In lectures to hospital executives in Sacramento, disaster preparedness planners in Chicago, doctors in Texas, and attorneys in New Orleans, she did not discuss or explain the decision she and her colleagues made to medicate at least nineteen patients on Thursday, September 1, all of whom died as helicopters and boats emptied Memorial.

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