Friday, June 13, 2008

yeah, I've probably got the television on more than I should

not necessarily watching it but, you know, it's still distracting for anything other than straight transcribing.
but when there's a Marx Brothers movie on (Night in Casablanca started five minutes ago on Turner Classic (my God, Harpo looks old)), what choice do you have?

tickets for Bob Dylan's first ever headlining show in Brooklyn went on sale this morning at 10 and were gone before 10:05.
conversely, Emmylou Harris, who provided the integral backing vocals on Dylan's Desire album, is playing two shows at Town Hall next week, Wednesday and Thursday. and not only are tickets now selling two-for-one, but I was just able to pull Row K in the orchestra section. that's not even halfway full.
(I saw Ms. Harris picking up her tickets in the MSG lobby for Wednesday night's Plant/Krauss show)

two more things to read: a Possibly 4th Street episode with Menomena (I think the piece turned out pretty well, though we were a few hours late getting started that morning due to some Grand Army Plaza confusion as there are actually two Grand Army Plazas within the five boroughs - there’s, of course, the towering arch within the impressively wide traffic circle above Prospect Park in Brooklyn. and then there’s the other Grand Army Plaza, the decidedly lesser known square nestled between the Apple store and the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue, the permanent residence of a gold-leaf-wrapped statue of Civil War General (and burner of Atlanta) William Tecumseh Sherman) and my first album review in a quite a while - Jakob Dylan's Seeing Things - for Cleveland Scene.

(by the way, Harpo's not the only Marx Brother looking old in this one)

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