Tuesday, June 17, 2008

unlike, say, last Tuesday

it's an almost beautiful day in New York (well, for everyone except Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto (I assume the trio has flown back to town by now). I feel pretty sure Peterson can land another job as soon as he wants one. although belated, his exit still smarts with a tinge of "I didn't hire you so you're gone.").
the temp's in the upper 70s, it's just a little cloudy, and even the rather large, oddly-shaped grandmother in the perpetual housedress next door is out on her deck tending to any number of potted plants.

and Turner Classic is spending most of the East Coast daylight hours broadcasting Elvis Presley movies, though I have no idea why today might be significant (sure, it would've been Vernon and Gladys' 75th wedding anniversary and Viva Las Vegas opened on June 17, 1964, but since Turner isn't playing Viva Las Vegas I doubt that's the reason - maybe they're celebrating Sadie Kimbrough's birthday. (happy birthday Sadie!).
Jailhouse Rock's on now (not sure how I forgot that Disney regular Dean Jones was in this), followed by It Happened At The World's Fair (Vicky Tiu is adorable as Sue-Lin), Kissin' Cousins, Girl Happy and Spinout.
(notice the absence of my favorite Presley movie, King Creole)

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